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Veronica – Founder

Veronica Wheat founded Chef V in 2010, providing private wellness chef services to clients in the San Diego area. Today, Chef V is a national player in the organic food delivery industry.

Veronica is a passionate chef, a certified nutritional therapist, member of the board of the California  Certified Organic Foundation (CCOF) and a volunteer for Southern California charities.

And Veronica practices what she preaches. Not much of a breakfast person, Veronica waits until she’s hungry and then has 16 oz of Green Drink, which holds her perfectly until lunch. Don’t tell anyone but Veronica looooves French Fries. “They are my vice,” she says, adding, “Yes, I am human, too!” But Veronica stays on track by doing lots of yoga and hiking and going for walks with her dog and husband, Brandon.

Brandon Bathroom Gif

Brandon – Chef V’s #1 Fan

The husband of Veronica, Brandon is an former Certified Public Accountant who helps Chef V with the day to day operations. Brandon believes in doing a little yoga every day and getting his daily dose of Green Drink. Don’t tell Veronica, but his kryptonite is the occasional burger.

Brandon loves to travel the world, sharing amazing experiences with Veronica. In his free time, he loves golfing with family and friends, and tagging along with Veronica and Coconut on walk to the beach.


Vicki – Head of Operations

Vicki makes sure all of the moving parts of the company work together seamlessly. She loves working here because every day she feels a natural high helping customers all over the country.

In her personal life, Vicki embodies a balanced philosophy, consuming very little sugar and carbohydrates but eating red meat and cheese. Some of her favorite things to do outside of work are going to trivia nights at bars, hanging out with family, lying on the beach with a good book and cooking a homemade dinner.

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Harry – Customer Service Extraordinaire

Harry, part of our Customer Support Team, exudes the Chef V life philosophy: it’s all about balance. You see, Harry is super fit, a gym rat 3-4 days per week and an avid surfer.

But Harry also likes to be watch the tube, especially on Friday nights, when he binge watches his favorite Netflix show and downs a beer or two (or three). In his spare time, besides pumping iron and shredding waves, Harry likes to create art and go for walks with his wife and dog, Auggie.

Nate gif

Nate – Operations Specialist

Nate makes sure, among other responsibilities, that all orders are processed correctly. He’s yet another Chef V client relations specialist who lives a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A former competitive basketball player, Nate loves weight lifting and engages in some kind of physical training 5-7 days a week. Although the Chef V team has tried to dig deep in Nate’s closet, his only vice seems to be not giving his body the rest and recovery it needs on a daily basis from hardcore workouts.

Outside of work and workouts, Nate loves to sleep in, explore nature, and spend time with family and friends.

Carly Gif

Carly – The Intern

Carly holds down the fort at the company’s San Marcos, CA retail location. She’s plays a crucial role in spreading the word about Chef V, handling social media and photography responsibilities. She’s a true team player, doing whatever is necessary to help the company thrive.

An avid volleyball player, Carly also loves spending time at the beach. She’s very conscious of her body’s 36.2 trillion cells (give or take a couple trillion), drinking a “TON of water, at least 8 oz every morning, and staying hydrated throughout the day,” she says. Her one crutch: dark chocolate.

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