Why is Activated Charcoal Good For You?

Activated charcoal: don’t use it for firing up your grill, but do use it for hangovers and cleansing. Here’s the best way to get it….

Do you feast on barbecue and beer from time to time?

No worries. I do a little, too.

So, what to do after you’ve lived by the maxim “Eat, drink and be merry?”

Especially way more than what’s considered moderation?

For starters, don’t get down on yourself. Today is a new day. And the good news is there’s a simple way to immediately purge those holiday toxins from your system.

It’s charcoal to the rescue!


Not that charcoal you might be thinking of. You know, the kind you use to fire up a grill.

Nope, I’m talking about activated charcoal. It’s an all-natural health supplement that I love. That’s because activated charcoal supplements benefits are amazing. 

Especially for your belly.

Suffer from digestion problems? Then I recommend giving charcoal a try.

Activated charcoal supplements benefits

Why is activated charcoal good for you? Well, it can help relieve gas and bloating. And it’s also my favorite hangover remedy!

You see, activated charcoal purges toxins from the body. There’s a good reason hospitals keep it in stock in case of accidental poison swallowing. (If you have young kids, keep a bottle in your medicine cabinet.)

There are few other natural purifying remedies like charcoal. It cleanses your digestive system of toxins. In addition, charcoal eases pressure in your gut.

In fact, a study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology concludes the following:

“Symptoms of bloating and abdominal cramps attributable to gaseousness significantly reduce with charcoal.”

Other studies I’ve read show other activated charcoal benefits. For example, it’s remarkably effective at reducing cholesterol. In addition, it helps treat metabolic disorders. It fights infections. Furthermore, it eliminates dormant antibiotics. (Yes, antibiotics can sit in your gut for years.)

Also, charcoal powerfully purges heavy metals from the body. In fact, activated charcoal attracts up to 100 times its own body weight in toxins. Because of this, it can help eliminate cancer-causing chemicals from the body. This includes mercury, lead, copper and arsenic.

Where to buy activated charcoal

It’s because of these amazing digestive and other health benefits that I decided to add activated charcoal to one of our products: Digestive Boost Shot.

That’s right, if you had one too many toxic tequila shots lately, you can detox by pounding our healthy Digestive Boost Shot.

Wondering where to buy activated charcoal? Sure, there are dozens of brands selling charcoal pills. But doesn’t it sound more fun to pound a great-tasting healthy shot?

Does the thought of swallowing charcoal gross you out? I’m completely with you. But you can’t taste the charcoal at all! On the contrary, our Digestive Boost Shot tastes like delicious homemade lemonade.

Digestive Booster Shot to the Rescue for Your Cleansing Needs

I created the recipe and included lemon juice and coconut nectar to the shot. I added them so you’ll taste nothing but nourishing sweetness. Why lemon juice? Because it enhances the detoxifying effect.

And besides its delicious taste, I went with coconut nectar because it’s rich in minerals and B vitamins. In addition, coconut nectar is much lower on the glycemic index than regular table sugar.

Thinking about doing one of our Cleanses? Or even our 21 Day Detox? If so, drinking our Digestive Boost Shot starting a few days before the cleanse is a great way to get your system ready.

The longer you start getting your digestive system ready for a cleanse or detox, the easier it will be for you to stick to the program. And the reason I created the Digestive Boost Shot is to give you the easiest and most affordable way to purify your system.

In fact, if you order Digestive Boost Shot (2 fo $9) or with our Bundle Subscription (2 for $5). To order now click here! You can also find nutritional information about my new shot here.IMG_8346

I know you’re going to love the taste of Digestive Boost Shot and how soothing it is for your belly.

Cheers To your health!


Chef V

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