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Kinechewa! Chef V in Tokyo Making Sushi!

Kinechewa (Hello in Japanese) from sushi making class! In August 2016, my husband and I took our dream honeymoon through Asia. We went to Singapore, Bali and Tokyo. I took a class in Bali to learn Balinese cooking methods that were delicious. In Tokyo, I took a sushi making class from a Japanese chef and [...]

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Thanksgiving Recipe Make-Overs 2016 by Chef V

Thanksgiving Recipes Make-Over Thanksgiving recipes, this Thanksgiving Dinner,try swapping out some of you traditional unhealthy recipes with these Thanksgiving Make-over Swaps! They are so delicious, no one will even know what they’re missing and the best part is, all of these foods are cleansing and help you detox. My favorite make-over that I love to [...]

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Wild Thing! You Make My Heart Sing!

Literally, this pose will make your heart sing! As well as your thighs, abs, arms, back and shoulders! This pose is excellent for strengthening the front and back side of the body and is a heart opening pose. Start in down dog (hands and feet on the floor, with your hips in the air, like [...]

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Good Fri-Yay! D.I.Y. Safe and Healthy Easter Ideas!

It’s Good Fri-Yay this year! Good Friday is a good time to settle down with family and get crafty for Easter weekend. I’ve come up with a few fun twists on traditional activities and healthy ideas for you and the kids this Easter. Me in my Easter dress with CocoNut. He likes eggs! First of [...]

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Green Eggs & Pancakes with Chef V

Thinking of something fun to do with the kids this year for St. Patrick's Day? I'm sure your kids love having fun green foods that aren't normally green like green eggs or pancakes. However, food coloring is so dangerous to your kids health. The primary colors blue, yellow, and red are used to make up [...]

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