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Adding Activated Charcoal to Food (and other uses)

Adding activated charcoal to food on occasion may help you eliminate harmful toxins. Chef V discusses simple ways you can add it to food, drinks and even for hygiene. “Eat a rainbow of foods.” No doubt you’ve heard this nutritional maxim from diet therapists such as myself. If you’re not familiar with this dietary advice, [...]

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How Often Should I Eat? (If I want to lose weight )

How often should I eat? Is eating 3 meals a day or 6 smaller ones better if I want to lose weight? These are questions our founder and nutritional therapist, Chef V has been asked dozens of times over the years. Here, she gives you the scoop on ideal meal frequency....   There’s so much conflicting [...]

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Benefits of Green Drink for Skin: Way Beyond Skin-Deep

The benefits of Green Drink for skin can have much more of an impact than a cosmetic procedure like a facial. After all, facials and other beauty care methods are only, well, skin deep. But green drinks can benefit your skin from the inside out. Chef V explains…. Take a look at my picture below. [...]

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