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Kale Salad, Kale Chips, Kale Burgers … Kale Kraziness

Kale salad ... kale chips and kale everything else is all the rage. But for good reason. Here's why Chef V is crazy for kale! Yes, our country is in the midst of a love affair with kale. But is the love affair healthy? Or is it teetering on the brink of obsessive? After all, [...]

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Juice Cleanse Comparison: Chef V vs. The Rest

Juice cleanse options … there’s so many, it’s enough to make you faint as if you’re fasting for a week. In light of this, we put together some tips for you on how to pick the best juice cleanse…. I’ll share a little secret with you. Our web developer is not going to be happy [...]

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Magical Mushrooms.. Why you should eat ‘Shrooms!

Why You Should Eat ‘Shrooms Mushrooms aren’t sexy but they pack a powerful nutritious punch Eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies. I’m sure you’ve heard that advice before. Maybe even from me. As a nutritional therapist, I wholeheartedly believe in that golden rule of nutrition. And so does every dietician on the planet. That’s [...]

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Enhance Your Cleanse With These Enjoyable Detox Treatments

In addition to our Green Drinks there are other great ways to enhance your detox. The following are far easier and pleasurable than a rigid master cleanse detox. Here are a few of Chef V's favorites.... Embarking on a 21 day detox will be one of the most transforming journeys of your life. If it’s a [...]

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Blended Veggies Or Juicing Fruits: What’s Better For You?

Whether it's to lose weight or detox, or just for overall better health, is it better to drink blended vegetables or fruit juice? Here’s a question I get a lot from people who are new to cleanses and detoxes: What’s better for losing weight, blended vegetables or juicing fruits? Spoiler alert: the answer by far [...]

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Turmeric: Are you getting enough of this amazing spice? Here’s how….

From having strong anti-cancerous properties to controlling your blood sugar, there are many turmeric benefits. In fact, you should make this spice a part of your daily diet. And the great news is there's an easy way for you to get turmeric benefits from our immune booster shot. I have a confession to make. I’ve [...]

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Soup is the New Juice Cleanse!

Soup steals the cleanse spotlight as the new addition to juicing! By: Veronica Wheat, Chef, Nutritional Therapist and founder of Chef V Juicing has definitely gained its fair share of attention in recent years and still stands as a surefire way to get your body the fruits and veggies it needs. But something else is [...]

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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk… Cry over Spilled Organic Almond Milk!

We've all heard the saying "Don't cry over spilled milk" but if you spilled this almond milk replacement you might just cry! Because it's that good! Almond Milk: Are you wasting your money? It’s kind of weird if you think about it:  we’re the only species on Earth that drinks the milk of another species. [...]

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The Power of Purple

We all know the power of Greens but what about the Power of Purple? From purple cauliflower hummus to maqui-berry smoothies, putting purple on your plate not only makes for a killer Instagram post, but also big health benefits. All purple vegetables are extremely high in antioxidants, making them an excellent addition to your diet. [...]

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Summertime Q & A with Chef V

Hey guys, its been a while since I've done an interview blog post. It's now summer 2017 and I'm coming up on my 1 year wedding anniversary. A lot has happened since my wedding blog update. I hired a summer intern and these are some questions she gave me to share with you guys a [...]

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Yes, I know avocado is extra!

Featured Recipe from Chef V’s Book: Making Cleansing Easier Creamy Green Smoothie Ingredients: 1 small ripe avocado 2 large leaves green kale 1 cup spinach 2 medjool dates, pitted 1 lemon, juice only A pinch of cinnamon 1 tablespoon chia seeds 1½ cups filtered water 1 cup ice To make: Process all ingredients in a [...]

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