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Track Your Progress: What’s the Best App For Monitoring Wellness?

How do you track your progress for health and monitor wellness? Chef V reaches out to a health expert to find out what's the best app for fitness.  Of all the latest fitness fads (CrossFit, Rebounders, HIIT, etc.), wearable technology that lets you track your progress is probably the trendiest wellness topic of 2017/2018. Fitness and wellness [...]

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Healthy Cereal Recipe: Fall Back In Love With Cereal Without The Guilt!

Breakfast cereals are one of the most unhealthiest foods you can eat. They’re loaded with added sugars. Plus, all those carbs convert into sugar as well. Here’s Chef V to the rescue with a truly healthy cereal recipe that’s easy to make at home…. Healthy cereal … is there such a thing? I think the [...]

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Chef Brian Duffy Cleanses with Chef V
Podcast Interview

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I Want You To Get Fat! Sort Of…..

Knowing the difference between good fats and bad fats can mean the difference between losing those stubborn last 10 pounds and enjoying great health.   Yeah, you heard me right, I want you to get fat! I want you to be in a state of ecstasy when you bite on a morsel of delicious fat. [...]

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Keeping a Food Journal for Weight Loss

Keeping a food journal will help you prevent cravings. Learn some tips to keeping an insightful food journal with Chef V.... I'll admit ... even if you drink one of my Organic Green Drinks every day, you still might get tempted by cravings. Sure, starting each morning with 16 oz. of some of the healthiest [...]

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Stop the presses…most olive oil is fake! Here’s how to tell…

You know olive oil is healthy. But not all olive oil is of high quality. Here, Chef V schools you on what constitutes healthy, organic olive oil. It's finally feeling like fall. Here in sunny San Diego we have to wait a little longer to feel the cool nights. But the temps are actually dipping into [...]

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Golden Milk: The Health Elixir You Should Be Drinking Every Day

Golden Milk … just the name of it sounds alluring, exotic, and appealing to our inner child. Kind of like chocolate milk. But golden milk is way healthier than chocolate milk. In fact, golden milk isn’t really milk at all. Golden Milk: What is it? There are a few beverages you might want to drink [...]

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Stay Fit in the Office With These 3 Easy Exercises

No time to work out because you're at work all day? Let Chef V show you how to stay fit in the office. This office workout routine is all you need to stay (or get) sexy and lean. Did you see the stunning before/after pics of our director of operations, Vicki? Vicki's weight loss [...]

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Healthy Recipes: Chef V’s Tips for Fast & Easy Meals

Don't have time to cook nutritious meals? Here are simple tips to eat healthy without draining your wallet or your free time. These quick, healthy meals also don't require you to be an expert chef. Here, Chef V provides some basic tips for preparing 3 nutritious healthy meals every day.... What’s your biggest obstacle for sticking [...]

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Pumpkin Recipes Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind (but not blow up your belly)

Pumpkin recipes by Chef V taste absolutely amazing and are easy to make. Love pumpkin pie? Get ready to get blown away by Chef V's pumpkin pie recipe. That's not all, there's other easy pumpkin recipes: Pumpkin Curry Soup; Organic Pumpkin Vegan Ice Cream; Pumpkin Smoothie; Pumpkin Lasagna and Gluten-Free Pumpkin Ravioli. Fall in love with [...]

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