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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That Taste Great & Won’t Make You Put On Weight

Healthy Thanksgiving recipes that taste just like the real, gluttonous thing? Sound too good to be true? Eat until your belly's content this turkey day without sacrificing taste or mouth-feel. Why is it so easy to gain weight on Thanksgiving? According to the Calorie Control Council, the average person consumes over, get this ... 4,500 calories on [...]

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Pumpkin Ice Cream: Healthy, Easy, Vegan & Scrumptious

Pumpkin ice cream by Chef V uses all-vegan ingredients that won't skyrocket your blood sugar and expand your waist. If you love ice cream, all things pumpkin and fall, and exquisite vegan desserts, you'll love this recipe. Chef V, aka Veronica Wheat Kress is a nutritional therapist, former personal chef, yoga expert, philanthropist and major [...]

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Chef V’s St. Patrick’s Day Yoga Poses

This March I’m dedicating all of my recipes and yoga poses to St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) is a day to celebrate the death of St. Patrick. St. Patrick’s day is traditional world wide including Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, United States, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. This holiday is traditionally celebrated with [...]

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My 21 Day Challenge Testimonial with My Fiance Brandon too!

Hello Everyone, I decided with my wedding and bachelorette party coming up, I wanted to do a 21 day challenge to reset my eating habits, shed a couple of pounds, tone up my body, and just all around feel good. My fiance Brandon is also doing the challenge with me. We are doing the Classic [...]

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