Benefits of Green Drink for Skin: Way Beyond Skin-Deep

The benefits of Green Drink for skin can have much more of an impact than a cosmetic procedure like a facial. After all, facials and other beauty care methods are only, well, skin deep. But green drinks can benefit your skin from the inside out. Chef V explains….

Take a look at my picture. If you’ve never seen a picture of me, that’s me. Oh, if only I looked as stunning as Coconut, my beloved pooch.

But in truth I do get compliments on my skin from time to time. Now, I might be comfortable in my skin, so to speak. However, I consider myself a modest person and not vain in the slightest bit. Therefore, I’m not one to usually talk about my appearance. I’m going to make an exception here. You see, sure, genetics might have to do with how youthful your skin looks.

Green Juice for Glowing Skin

But I think a big part of my complexion is because of green drinks. Seriously!

Not a day goes by that I don’t have an Organic Green Drink.

While many people normally associate beauty with external influences (facials, creams, toners, scrubs, masks, etc.), I’d like you to think about how your internal environment plays the most important part in your skin’s appearance.

What I mean by this is you literally are what you eat.

In other words, your skin is a direct reflection of how healthy your internal environment is. And the key area that determines the health of your insides is your gut. Your gut is like a second brain. In fact, your digestive tract is home to most of your immune system. One reason why some people have aged skin is because they don’t have enough good bacteria in the gut. Having enough good bacteria in the gut keeps you healthy. And, it also keeps your skin looking younger.

You’ve probably heard of probiotics and how they can help colonize your gut with good bacteria. But did you know that probiotics need food in order to do their thing and kill harmful bacteria? The food that feeds probiotics is “prebiotics.”

And guess what foods are rich in prebiotics? Green leafy veggies. That’s one of the major benefits of green drink for skin. The more prebiotic-rich foods you eat (and drink), the healthier your gut will be and, consequently, the more radiant your skin will appear. Our Organic Green Drink has seven of the healthiest prebiotic-rich, nutrient-dense veggies on the planet.

Benefits of Green Drink for Skin: Collagen

Let’s talk about protein. Not the protein you get from food, but the protein that makes up who you are. Your body has hundreds of thousands of different proteins. And the most abundant human protein is collagen. Roughly one-third of your body’s protein is collagen. Collagen is the foundation of your connective tissue.

Collagen is a matrix-like structure formed by amino acids. It’s the most common protein in the skin along with keratin. The reason why we look older as we age is that our collagen denatures, weakens and shrinks. It gets weaker and weaker every year. In fact, after age 30 or so, you lose at least one percent of your collagen’s strength every year. That means by age 60, you’re collagen will be 30% weaker than when you are 30 years old.

But here’s one of the key benefits of green drink for skin: the vitamins and minerals help prevent or even re-generate your own body’s collagen. How cool is that? Do you see why I consider having a Green Drink every day the healthiest thing you can do for your health and beauty?

The dark green veggies in Organic Green Drink encourage collagen production. The older you get, the more important this is. That’s because collagen production slows down as you age. However, veggies rich in vitamin C inhibit the breakdown of collagen.


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Benefits of Green Drink for Skin: Better Digestion

Here’s another reason why it’s great to have green juice for glowing skin. Because of poor diet, many people have insufficient stomach acid. Adult acne and other skin problems is a direct indication that not only does the gut not have enough good bacteria, the stomach doesn’t have enough gastric juice to break down the nutrients. This results in inflammation. And acne and other skin disorders are a symptom of inflammation.

And if you don’t have enough stomach acid, you can’t efficiently digest protein. Moreover, just like probiotics, gastric juices help fight bad bacteria. Consequently, if you can’t fully digest your food, microbial overgrowth occurs, leading to inflammation and potential skin problems.  

But one of the main benefits of green drink for skin is that the veggies help stimulate the release of stomach acid. Moreover, the veggies in our Organic Green Drink alkalize the body and reduce inflammation.

Benefits of Green Drink for Skin: Enzymes

Now, not all green drinks are great for your skin. That’s because most green drinks are pasteurized. However, our Green Drinks are raw. And what this means is that when you chug some Green Drink, you get a ton of naturally-occurring enzymes. Enzymes are critical in absorption of nutrients. One major factor why many people have chronic disease is that they don’t eat enough enzyme-rich foods like raw green veggies. Cooked food destroys enzymes. That’s why one of the healthiest and easiest things you can do to ensure you’re getting some enzyme-rich raw veggies in your diet is to have a daily serving of Certified Organic Green Drink.

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Benefits of Green Drink for Skin: Conclusion

Our organic Green Drink is one of the best juices for healthy hair and nails as well! That’s because your hair and nails are also made out of collagen proteins. Now, this post would go far too long if I included specifically how all 7 of the certified organic green veggies in Green Drink benefit your skin.

But to summarize the benefits of green drink for skin, when you have 7 of the most nutrient-dense veggies on the planet, all those vitamins, minerals and other compounds promote healthy collagen. And these amazing green, leafy veggies provide the nutritional building blocks that repair your own collagen and encourage regeneration of strong, flexible collagen.

And for less than a dollar a day (see prices of our Green Drink here), you can get your daily dose of Green Drink and have healthier, more radiant looking skin.

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