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Better Skin!

skin cleared up!

Hands down my favorite green drink and 3 day cleanse; and I’ve tried just about everything on the market! It starts with the fact this is real nutrition and not colored water with tiny particles of greens. Nope! This is real greens with a moderate thickness to make you feel like something other than glorified… Read more “skin cleared up!”

- Janessa

21 Day Detox = LIFE CHANGING

Chef V’s 21 Day Detox = LIFE CHANGING!! I have had a difficult time losing an extra 25 pounds I packed on over the last couple years. I’ve tried every diet imaginable with little to no results. Not the case with Chef V’s 21 Day Detox. I thoroughly enjoyed every single day. It was easy… Read more “21 Day Detox = LIFE CHANGING”

- KY

I look years younger

I’ve just recently finished the 21 day detox.! I saw and felt nothing but positivity. I lost 10 pounds, gained energy, and lost cravings for unhealthy options. On top of that my skin has never looked better. I have a glow and look years younger. I rarely ever felt hungry while on the cleanse and… Read more “I look years younger”

- David

my skin is smoother & brighter

Just finishing up the 21 day detox and while yes, I did lose weight, about 8% percent of my total weight, I’m just as excited about the bonus results. The most notable change has been my skin. I have struggled with inflamed pores for most of my life and the quality of my skin has drastically improved. It’s… Read more “my skin is smoother & brighter”

- Portia

you’ve earned a customer for life!

After many years of yo-yo dieting, personal training, weight loss and weight gain, I was tired of feeling burned out and unhealthy. I had heard of Chef V through a friend at work but green drinks and me were not friends! Quite frankly I thought they were disgusting. Not Chef V! At the end of… Read more “you’ve earned a customer for life!”

- Brittney

my skin looks better

Did the five day cleanse last week and I feel amazing! Ive lost 6lbs, my skin looks better and I have way more energy then ever before. I am continuing to drink the green drink everyday because i love it so much and it helps me start my day. Definitely recommend giving it a try!

- Shannon


I’ve used both the 3-Day Cleanse and the weekly Green Drink. I started out hoping to lose weight, which I have, but stayed for the overall health benefits. I like that because Chef V’s drink is blended, not juiced, it provides the fiber you need. I highly recommend the weekly delivery of Chef V Green… Read more “Amazing!”

- Monica

lost 6.5 lbs & my skin cleared up

Originally I thought I couldn’t do it because I love to eat junk food and drink coffee.  Well I just finished my 3 day cleanse and I feel great!  I lost 6.5 pounds and my skin cleared up.  I did the cleanse with no problem and barely felt hungry the whole time.  I would recommend… Read more “lost 6.5 lbs & my skin cleared up”

- Alice

I  had been trying to lose weight for a few months. I’m educated about the right ways and wrong ways to lose weight but no matter what I did my body would not release a single pound of fat. I was also having some other small health issues and knew that my body needed a reset.… Read more “”

- Collette

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