Keto Diet Success: Chef V Employees Shed Body Fat

Keto diet eating plan means ditching sugar. It's not easy, but as some of our employees have discovered, sticking to a keto diet can mean loads of body fat melted like butter in a frying pan. Finally. After 7 years and 15,000 customers later and 1 million Green Drink bottles sold, my own kids are [...]

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Hemp Protein: The Best Plant-Based Protein Powder?

Hemp protein might just be the best superfood for vegans and vegetarians. Here’s why…. Here’s a question our staff receives over email almost every day: “What makes your cleanse different?” This blog post explains why. One of the reasons: our cleanses provide you with all the nutrition you need to stay satisfied and not feel [...]

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Juice Cleanse Comparison: Chef V vs. The Rest

Juice cleanse options … there’s so many, it’s enough to make you faint as if you’re fasting for a week. In light of this, we put together some tips for you on how to pick the best juice cleanse…. I’ll share a little secret with you. Our web developer is not going to be happy [...]

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