Chef V Office Cleanse

Our office decided to pick a date and do the 3 Day Cleanse together. Harry and Raine wanted to eat but Nate and Shavone were totally fine the entire time! It's amazing how people's experiences can be so different but they all end on a positive note. Check out this quick recap video of the [...]

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Green Barre with BodyByLauren

We had a fantastic group of people join us for our event last week. Yoga was a nice cool down after having our butts kicked by Lauren and her Agility Barre! Can you believe she's moving like this at 34 WEEKS PREGNANT?? So much respect for this woman. Check it out! //

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Green Barre with Chef V and BodyByLauren

Tonight's the night we've been waiting for... SO excited! Lauren and I will be taking you through a super fun class including a demo of her new Agility Barre workout and some of my absolute FAVORITE yoga poses. You'll also get to meet my wonderful fiance Brandon who will be helping me hand out some [...]

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Cleanse with your friends!

I've done quite a few cleanses (as you might imagine) and I can tell you from personal experience that it's much easier when you have the support of friends or co-workers. Plus, I think it's just fun to share the experience together and talk about how you're feeling each day. Keeping each other motivated and [...]

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Partner Spotlight: Krista Williams,

Krista Williams has one of the coolest blogs on the planet. When you visit, you get major personality shining through every funky line as she invites us all along for the ride of our lives... well... of her life. Veronica (Chef V herself) sat down recently to answer a few questions about what motivates [...]

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Dads love Chef V too!

This gentleman came to the book signing party at our San Diego kitchen and couldn't wait to tell me about his cleanse experience. His story was so funny that I had to share! Wait until you hear what he thought of the soup lol! //  

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Partner Spotlight: Chelsea Gilson

Shout out to Chelsea Gilson who's one of our newest Chef V Partners! We're pleased to have crossed paths with this lovely lady who's always in pursuit of exciting travel experiences and yummy organic eats! Check out her full Chef V Cleanse review on her blog:

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June 2016 Employee of the Month: Luigina

Luigina is a very special part of the Chef V family. She's one of our original kitchen team members and has been wonderful beyond words. Check out this quick video where we recognize her as Employee of the Month. She was the first person to get this award and now she's the first person to [...]

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Partner Spotlight: BodyByLauren

Lauren has been one of our best partners since 2014, always sharing the benefits of Chef V products with her friends and clients. She's developed an awesome new program called Agility Barre®, combining yoga, sculpt and barre. This must be the secret to her rockin' bod! Thanks for being such a great partner, Lauren. We appreciate you! If you're [...]

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