Whitney’s Chef V Experience as Type 1 Diabetic

Showing the love: Whitney’s Chef V Experience . Managing Diabetes With Green Drink Can the answer to managing diabetes be as simple as chugging a 16 oz. glass of juice every day? Not if it’s orange juice, or other fruit juice. But managing diabetes with blended veggie juice like Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is [...]

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healthy juice for diabetes

Grace lost 15 pounds and her A1C went from 6.8 to 6.1! . Meet Grace N. According to one of the 14 reviews on Grace’s Yelp profile, this San Diego resident experienced a remarkable 10% reduction in her diabetes a1c levels after using patronizing one of the companies she reviews.  Now, without having to read every single [...]

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2 Easy Hacks for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

2 Easy Hacks for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels . Living with diabetes isn’t a life sentence. In fact, it is possible to reverse diabetes. Sure, it’s going to take a lifestyle adjustment, including getting regular exercise and diet modification. But with these 2 easy hacks, you’ll be on your way to managing your diabetes. Hack [...]

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Stop the presses…most olive oil is fake! Here’s how to tell…

You know olive oil is healthy. But not all olive oil is of high quality. Here, Chef V schools you on what constitutes healthy, organic olive oil. It's finally feeling like fall. Here in sunny San Diego we have to wait a little longer to feel the cool nights. But the temps are actually dipping into [...]

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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That Taste Great & Won’t Make You Put On Weight

Healthy Thanksgiving recipes that taste just like the real, gluttonous thing? Sound too good to be true? Eat until your belly's content this turkey day without sacrificing taste or mouth-feel. Why is it so easy to gain weight on Thanksgiving? According to the Calorie Control Council, the average person consumes over, get this ... 4,500 calories on [...]

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Stay Fit in the Office With These 3 Easy Exercises

No time to work out because you're at work all day? Let Chef V show you how to stay fit in the office. This office workout routine is all you need to stay (or get) sexy and lean. Did you see the stunning before/after pics of our director of operations, Vicki? Vicki's weight loss [...]

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Pumpkin Recipes Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind (but not blow up your belly)

Pumpkin recipes by Chef V taste absolutely amazing and are easy to make. Love pumpkin pie? Get ready to get blown away by Chef V's pumpkin pie recipe. That's not all, there's other easy pumpkin recipes: Pumpkin Curry Soup; Organic Pumpkin Vegan Ice Cream; Pumpkin Smoothie; Pumpkin Lasagna and Gluten-Free Pumpkin Ravioli. Fall in love with [...]

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Pumpkin Ice Cream: Healthy, Easy, Vegan & Scrumptious

Pumpkin ice cream by Chef V uses all-vegan ingredients that won't skyrocket your blood sugar and expand your waist. If you love ice cream, all things pumpkin and fall, and exquisite vegan desserts, you'll love this recipe. Chef V, aka Veronica Wheat Kress is a nutritional therapist, former personal chef, yoga expert, philanthropist and major [...]

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Soup is the New Juice Cleanse!

Soup steals the cleanse spotlight as the new addition to juicing! By: Veronica Wheat, Chef, Nutritional Therapist and founder of Chef V Juicing has definitely gained its fair share of attention in recent years and still stands as a surefire way to get your body the fruits and veggies it needs. But something else is [...]

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5 Top Ways to Successfully Detox

Thinking about doing a 21 day detox? With most detoxes, sticking with 21 days is a challenge. But we have 5 great tips for you to make sure you successfully and safely complete a 21 day detox. Many 21 day detox programs set you up for failure even before they start. They don’t tell you [...]

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