3 Day Cleanse

Organic Cleanse

  • Lose Weight

  • Gain Energy

  • Detox Vital Organs

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The Ultimate Kick-Start!

Chef V Tree Pose

Improve digestive function and speed up your metabolism for immediate and lasting weight loss results.

Chef V Feel New Again

Eliminating harmful toxins built up and stored in your body’s fat cells allows you to feel new again.

Chef V Care Free Farming

Enjoy deeper sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and bursting with natural energy.

Each day of your cleanse includes:

Green Drink

Four 16oz Green Drinks per day to improve digestion and increase metabolism.

Chef V Organic Ultra Shake

Two 16oz Ultra Shakes per day to maintain muscle and keep you going strong all day.

Organic SOUPer Detox

One 16oz SOUPer Detox to end each day with a warm, delicious meal that flushes your vital organs and leaves you satisfied.

Cleanse Directions, Bag, and Bottle

Comes with easy to follow directions and an awesome Chef V Shaker Cup.


Over 400 Yelp: 5 Stars reviews on yelp

Yelp 5 Stars
“I did Chef V’s juice detox 2 weeks before my wedding and loved the results! Overall I lost about 10 pounds and was so happy to begin married life in great shape :)”

Sarah J.
Manhattan, NY

Yelp 5 Stars
“This cleanse is absolutely amazing. The delivery service was prompt and my stuff was delivered exactly when it said it was going to be in really nice insulated bags. I lost a total of 12 pounds in a week. I really like the juice and it gave me lots of energy and made me feel happy.”

Ben J.
Los Angeles, CA

* Statements made by actual customers. Results may vary.

Chef V - 3 Day Cleanse

Lose Weight, Detox, Sleep Better, Gain Energy

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