Ginger: The Easiest Way To Get Your Daily Dose

Chef V is ga-ga over ginger. Not only is it a great spice for the kitchen, it also has some amazing health benefits. Here’s how to get your daily dose of this therapeutic spice the easiest way….

One of the reasons I love living in San Diego is amazingly-fresh sushi.

When you eat at a good sushi restaurant, it’s a safe guarantee that the fish were swimming earlier that day.

I love sushi not just because it’s a delicious party in my mouth, but because of the health benefits.

Not just from the fish.

But also from those perfectly thin sliced wedges of ginger.

Most people eat a slice of ginger in between bites of sushi to cleanse the palette. But me, I could eat a whole plate of ginger slices.

Ginger has the perfect amount of tangy spiciness. Not the same sharp spicy factor as a habanero chili, but just enough to tickle the taste buds.

Is ginger good for you?

You betcha! In fact, there are incredible health benefits.

One of the most popular spices in the world, ginger’s use dates back thousands of years. For example, traditional cultures used ginger to fight colds and flus.

What makes ginger so therapeutic? One of the main bioactive compounds it contains is gingerol.

When I was studying for my nutritional therapy certification, I learned about gingerol ad nauseum. Speaking of ad nauseum, one of the health benefits of ginger is to relieve nausea. Moreover, gingerol has amazing antioxidant properties. In addition, gingerol is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

If you eat ginger every single day, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to better prevent colds. Obviously, I can’t guarantee you’ll never get sick if you eat ginger each day. But I can tell you with 100% certainty, your immunity will get a boost. (And if you do get a little sick from time to time, it’s good for your immune system … gives it a little work out.)

The good news is you don’t have to go to a sushi restaurant to consume this healthy spice. Obviously, you can buy it at a farmer’s market or grocery store. But then you either have to cut it or blend it. Blending ginger in your morning smoothie or Green Drink is an excellent way to get your daily dose of ginger.

But here’s the easiest way:

Immunity Shot


Our line of Booster Shots—not to be confused with vaccine booster shots you get at the doctor—includes our Immunity Shot.

When I think back to my college days and all the unhealthy shots I drank, I wish instead I would have slammed Immunity Shots.

Immunity Shots contain the most powerful immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including  ginger’s cousin, turmeric. Turmeric also contains potent medicinal compounds.

If you don’t always have the time to cook healthy meals, the Immunity Shot, coupled with a daily Green Drink is your best health insurance.

In creating the Immunity Shot, my intention was to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain a strong immune system with just one easy shot per day.

Health Benefits of Ginger


I remember learning about gingerol when studying for my nutritional therapy certification and being floored by all the health benefits of this compound. I knew this spice was good for you, I just didn’t realize how good.

First of all, ladies, if you get a little cranky at a certain time of the month, ginger can help. That’s right, ginger can help ease menstrual pain.

Also, for moms-to-be, ginger can help ease the type of nausea common with pregnancy and morning sickness.

It’s good for any kind of motion sickness too. I take it all the time on a plane, boat or even in the car.

Here’s another health benefit: it can help reduce post-workout muscle soreness.

Yet another benefit is it can lower the amount of circulating fat in your blood (triglycerides). In addition, gingerol can also lower total cholesterol and your blood sugar.

Can you see now why I love this spice so much? And why it’s a featured ingredient in the Immunity Shot?

But wait, there’s more!

(Do I sound like an infomercial? Sorry, I’m just passionate about healing and wellness through diet.)

Some people suffer from chronic indigestion. And ginger can help ease that indigestion. Finally, the last two health benefits  I’ll leave you with are its ability to lower the risk of infections (another benefit of drinking Immunity Shots every day). And last but certainly not least, this magical spice may help protect against cancer.

Sold on ginger yet? Add it to your diet the most convenient and delicious way. Try our Immunity Shot.

There’s simply no other immunity booster shot like this on the market. It also has lemongrass, lime, raw honey and Himalayan sea salt. Most convenient of all, it gets delivered fresh to your front door!


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