Juice Cleanse Comparison: Chef V vs. The Rest

Juice cleanse options … there’s so many, it’s enough to make you faint as if you’re fasting for a week. In light of this, we put together some tips for you on how to pick the best juice cleanse….

I’ll share a little secret with you.

Our web developer is not going to be happy with me spilling the beans about this….

Any company that sells something online—a product or service—has to do a little trick in order for potential customers to take notice of their content online.

That trick is ‘search engine optimization.’

You may have heard the term ‘SEO.’  

One example of implementing SEO tricks involves using a main keyword several times in a blog post.

And for this post the main keyword is “juice cleanse.”

But I really don’t like the term “juice cleanse.”

Actually, at Chef V, we don’t really offer juice cleanses.

“Say, what?” you might be thinking. Isn’t Chef V all about juice cleanse this and juice cleanse that?

(Notice how I include ‘juice cleanse’ a couple times above? And in the previous sentence?)

The reason why I have to include the keyword so often is because it’s such a popular search term. In fact, there’s over 4 million results for it on Google.

However, people who want to be more health-conscious don’t know they should instead be searching for another term.

And that phrase is “Organic Green Drink Delivery.”

Juice Cleanse vs Green Drink

Therein lies the first major difference between virtually every juice cleanse on the market and a Chef V Cleanse.

You see, we don’t really sell a typical juice cleanse.

Instead, our Cleanse & Detox programs offer Green Drinks, Protein Shakes, and Detox Soups!

What’s the difference between a juice cleanse and a Chef V Cleanse?

For starters, a juice cleanse might contain just fruit juice.

Sure, organic fruit juice provides you with lots of vitamins and minerals.

But fruit juice is 100% sugar. By comparison, our Green Drinks are 100% organic certified green veggies. The seven veggies in the green drink are some of the most detoxifying healthy greens on the planet. Our protein shakes are made from organic vegan ingredients (no soy), and our soups are all vegan too.

Moreover, even if a juice cleanse is 100% organic veggie juice like our Green Drinks, chances are it won’t be cold-blended juice. Most juice cleanses are made with juice press equipment.

Typical Juice Cleanse and Super Detoxes Lack Nutrition 

The problem with pressed juice is you don’t get any of the healthy fiber. However, drinking our Green Drinks is the closest thing you can get to eating a huge salad of these whole greens.

In my opinion, as a certified nutritional therapist and organic chef, most juice cleanses are a formula for failure. Really, I think most juice cleanses are one of the worst ways how to do a cleanse.

You see, when you drink nothing but juice for several days, it’s going to be difficult for you to finish the cleanse. This is especially true if it’s a longer 7 Day Cleanse or a 21 day super cleanse detox.

That’s because a strict juice cleanse doesn’t provide you with enough nutrition to keep you satisfied.

Even if you’re drinking 100% organic juice, a diet of 100% carbohydrates (which is what both fruit and veggie juice is) may very well make you crave other carbs. When you feed your body any kind of carbs without protein and natural fat, your body tends to want more carbs.

Protein and natural fat slow your digestion down. When you do a strict juice cleanse, which is what most so-called ‘super cleanses’ are, it’s like you’re pouring quick-burning gasoline into your engine (your body).

Instead, you want a healthier, slower-burning fuel.

The Chef V Cleanse: Stay Satisfied, Not Deprived 

That’s why shortly after starting this business, I expanded on our cleansing menu by adding Detox Soups and vegan-friendly Protein Shakes.

Both as a nutritional therapist and the owner of Chef V, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met people who told me they tried a juice cleanse but felt miserable after a few days.

I don’t know about you but feeling miserable is not how I want to spend good money.

Again, you need both protein and natural fat while doing a cleanse. Otherwise, you’re going to experience cravings. And if you experience cravings, chances are high you won’t stick with good eating habits after the cleanse.

That’s another way the Chef V program isn’t your typical juice cleanse. We provide you with all the nutrition coaching you need before and after your cleanse. This includes a pre and post cleanse recommending you which foods you should eat and which to stay away from.

Typical Juice Cleanse: Doesn’t Keep Your System Flowing

Here’s another consequence of having nothing but juice for a few days or longer: constipation.

When you don’t have any fiber, there’s nothing providing bulk to your stool.

So let’s recap the major differences thus far between a typical juice cleanse and a Chef V Cleanse.

Most cleanses are strict juice press with no fiber or protein. When you don’t have protein and fiber for a few days, you start getting cranky. You’ll be no fun to be around after Day 3!

Chef V offers 100% organic cold-blend smooth Green Drinks with fiber to slow digestion. We also eliminate cravings because the Chef V cleanse includes Detox Soups and Protein Shakes.

If you’re wondering how to do the best cleanse, the answer is not by doing a juice cleanse.

Instead, it’s finding a program that gives you the best chance for quick and powerful weight loss—without feeling deprived.

The Best Juice Cleanse: Conclusion

That’s why, and excuse me for boasting here, Chef V is the most successful nationwide cleanse delivery company. We not only provide you with the delicious, organic Green Drinks, Detox Soups and Protein Shakes for your cleanse. We also help you feel more energetic and detox vital organs long after your cleanse is over.

I invite you to taste, experience and feel the Chef V difference.

To learn more about our 3, 5 and 7-day cleanses click here.

To your health,

Chef V

P.S. Most other juice cleanses don’t get delivered to your home. Just give us a call or place your order online and we’ll schedule a truly healthy, organic cleanse overnight to you!


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