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  • Detox Vital Organs

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  • 7 Super Greens w/ Apple
  • Light, refreshing blend packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help detox your body and lose weight.
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  • 7 Super Greens w/ Pineapple & Mango
  • Bright, tasty blend of nutrient-dense greens to stimulate weight loss and detox your kidneys and liver.
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  • Organic Almonds w/ Filter Water
  • Delicious blend with protein and fiber, great for glowing skin, strong bones, repairing muscles, and losing weight.
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What VIP customer Barbara O. says: VIP customer Barbara O. recently emailed me about my Chef V VIP Annual Plan and kindly allowed me to… Read more “Barbara says Chef V’s VIP Plan “Rocks”!”

I tried Chef V out of curiosity and because…I was too lazy to juice, even though my juicer stares at me every day. And too… Read more “most impressed with the green juice”

- GM

Chef V is directly responsible for helping me to lose over 100 lbs. in the last year. I had diabetic nerve pain, which I no… Read more “helped me lose over 100 lbs”

- Sabrina

Hands down my favorite green drink and 3 day cleanse; and I’ve tried just about everything on the market! It starts with the fact this… Read more “skin cleared up!”

- Janessa

Chef V’s green juice is a life saver. It’s honestly the best green juice out there, it’s delicious and not so sweet that you can’t… Read more “green juice is a life saver”

- Amanda

Love Chef V’s green juice and really love the free auto delivery to my front door each week!

- Lisa

The tropical green drink is so good! I drink it every morning and the pineapple and other fruit juices make the greens go down so… Read more “tropical green drink is so good!”

- Laura

I’ve been drinking Chef V for 4 months and had one 3 day cleanse before. I really like the concept of adding more greens into… Read more “drink tastes great & always fresh in my fridge”

- Iris

Chef V is absolutely wonderful! She has created the perfect combination in a juice to help you feel energized, healthy and full. I highly recommend… Read more “Chef V is absolutely wonderful!”

- Jill

What can I say about Chef V’s green drink that hasn’t been said before? It is the tastiest, healthiest, most perfect drink to start your… Read more “tastiest, healthiest, perfect drink”

- Mila

This is the second time I’ve completed a Chef V cleanse and hers are by far the best cleanses I’ve done. I’m not cranky, starving,… Read more “best cleanse I’ve done”

- Monica

I’ve reached my goal weight in June, losing a total of 245 plus pounds over the last 22 months. Chef V has helped in this… Read more “losing a total of 245 lbs”

- Michael

We love Chef V Green drink! This summer has been “rough”, when traveling we need to take a week or two off and oh boy,… Read more “We love Chef V Green drink!”

- Katrin

Chef V is just well done all around. The juices taste delicious and refreshing and I look forward to my delivery every week. Its a… Read more “easy way to get the nutrition your body needs”

- Steve

We have been using Chef Vs Green drink for about a year now. We could not even imagine life without it now. The taste is… Read more “couldn’t imagine life without it”

- Juergen

Absolutely love this product. Love how it’s freshly made and delivered fresh. Love that I don’t have to worry about tons of added sugar and… Read more “love how it’s freshly made”

- Alex

I’ve used both the 3-Day Cleanse and the weekly Green Drink. I started out hoping to lose weight, which I have, but stayed for the… Read more “Amazing!”

- Monica

I’m so exited that Chef V is in New York! I love her green drink and the delivery service is the best! I feel like… Read more “love her green drink & the delivery service”

- Rita

After I finished my 5 day cleanse a month ago I feel very fresh and energetic!! Now I’m subscribing my green juice every week !!

- Hyun

I subscribed to the Chef V Green Drink weekly delivery for 3 months consistently. Initially, I committed in hopes of getting more vitamins/nutrients I knew… Read more “that pain went away”

- Jodi

I have tried several cleanses and Chef V’s has to be one of the best! They deliver in insulated reusable bags and the green juice… Read more “one of the best!”

- Diana

I’ve been using Chef V green drink for a few years now.  It really helps me get the energy I need to get through the… Read more “helps me get the energy I need”

- Jacob

Just finished my first week of Chef V’s green drink and I feel AMAZING! It was delivered to my door Monday morning and I’ve had… Read more “I FEEL AMAZING!”

- Gabby

Love everything Chef V has to offer!! We’ve been customers for years now and I couldn’t imagine my health journey without it!!  I like the… Read more “love everything Chef V has to offer”

- Emily

I just finished my 3 day cleanse and it was great! The green drink is amazingly fresh tasting and does not have any single veggie… Read more “Green Drink… for the rest of my life!”

- Fran

If someone had told me a few months ago that I would be paying for a weekly green juice delivery, I would have laughed. I… Read more “I really liked the promise of low sugar”

- Nia

This green drink is my new addiction! I can not believe they only use seven ingredients to make this drink! It is very easy to… Read more “KEEP IT UP CHEF V”

- Jim

Chef V’s juices.  They give me the energy to get through my long work days!!!  Thanks for being the life saver Chef V

- Anthony

Very consistent taste and always on time. Have used Che V product for years and now on a year long weekly delivery  – awesome!


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