Easter Egg Dyes, Flash Tats and Video!


Happy Easter! What’s more traditional then decorating Easter Eggs? But what is in all of those nasty dyes that we’ve been using on our food all of these years? You can save money buying artificial dyes and get creative this year with household stuff you already have lying around. I’ll be using turmeric, green tea, blueberries, beets, and a couple of other fun ingredients to make some colorful dyes. Last year I tested out some fun textures and patterns to put on the eggs. Herbs and flowers wrapped in cheesecloth make great patterns or you can use old ripped nylons. You can also use string or rubber bands to wrap a fun pattern around the egg. FlashTats are temporary tattoos that are fun to decorate without the mess of dyes. I made a fun video showing you how easy it is to make the dyes!




Natural Ingredients for Homemade Dyes

½ cup red beet

¼ cup fresh turmeric, peeled

3 green tea bags

Skins from 2 yellow onions

½ cup blueberries

5 tbsp. white vinegar

Optional for design

Cheesecloth or nylons

Rosemary or other herbs

Small flowers


Fill 3 pots of water with 2 cups each and 1 pot with 4 cups. Heat the water and bring each pot to a boil. When the 4 cups boil, pour 2 cups into a glass container and add 3 green tea bags. Let steep for 20 minutes while other dyes cook. Return the remaining pot to a boil. Add beet to one pot, turmeric to another, blueberries to one, and onion skins to last. Stir and reduce heat for each pot to simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and pour into a glass container. Add 1 tbsp. of vingear to each dye, including green tea. Wait for the dyes to come to room temperature (about an hour). Drop the hard boiled eggs (room temperature) into the dyes (also room temp.). You can use cheesecloth or nylons to wrap the eggs and drop them in for cool patterns. I added some rosemary and flowers for different designs. Leave the eggs in the dye for 2 hours. Remove and enjoy your beautiful Easter Eggs!


IMG_0107IMG_0159Pointing at onion egg



Flashy Eggs

Flashtat eggs are less messy then dyes and they look freakin’ awesome! The trick to this is that the eggs need to be room temperature and completely dry. They can’t have any dew or water on them. Apply the tattoo just like you would to your skin and set by dabbing with a damp towel. Slowly remove the tattoo and voila! These come out so cool!

Cutting Flashing Tats

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