Green Drink (16oz)



Green Drink is a light, refreshing blend packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help you detox your body and lose weight. Our Fresh, Certified Organic Green Juice Delivery is perfect for a detox diet or your everyday routine.


Certified Organic: Black Kale, Green Kale, Collard Greens, Green Leaf Lettuce, Curly Parsley, Green Chard, Dandelion Greens, Apple and Apple Juice with filtered water.

Nutrition Facts

2 Servings per container.
8oz serving: 26 calories, 0g fat, 24mg sodium, 6g carbs, 1g fiber, 3g sugar, and 1g protein.


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Difference You Can Taste & Feel!

You have a ton of choices for healthy drinks, juices and detox beverages… so what makes Chef V’s Organic Green Drink different than all the rest? How is it the absolute best?

First of all, here’s an important distinction: our detox diet drink is not a juice. Why is this difference important? The 7 certified organic super greens we use in our green drink are cold-blended. When you blend your greens, you retain all of the fiber and every ounce of nutrients that nature put in these dark leafy super greens.

When you drink juiced vegetables, even if it’s organic juice, you lose a good amount of the nutrients and fiber from the juicing process. Fiber is critically important for weight loss and detox success. With Chef V’s Organic Green Drink, you’re getting the whole food’s maximum nutritional value in every bottle.

Here’s another factor why Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is superior to other green juices: many green drinks, even if they are blended, are bottled using a heat processing. Like the juicing process, heat also kills some of the nutritional value of the vegetables that can help with your detox diet and help you lose weight. But our green drink is cold-blended. No nutritional value is lost!

That’s great that Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is packed with nutrition … but how does it taste?

Surprisingly light and refreshing! After taking a sip of our green drink, you might wonder how it’s possible that these 7 certified organic super greens could taste so good … especially without any sugar added to this incredibly powerful antioxidant blend.

After all, if you had a dinner plate of these 7 greens—green kale, black kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, green chard, curly parsley and green leaf lettuce—you probably wouldn’t go, “Mmmm….yum, this is so good!” after a bite.

But Chef V knows how to please a palette! After years of experimenting with different green drink recipes, she’s created the ultimate satisfying, nutrient-dense green drink.

It’s remarkable that there’s only 3 grams of all-natural sugar in each serving. Chef V’s recipe adds a little apple to sweeten it up a bit and a little filtered water to aid in absorption. (If weight loss and overall health is your goal, you must stick to super low sugar green juices.)

Fresh Juice, Overnight Delivery

So far, you’ve learned that there are two main differences between Chef V’s Organic Green Drink and other green juices, organic juices and other drinks that claim to help you lose weight and help you follow a detox diet: amazing taste and whole-food nutrition.

There’s one more major difference: we deliver, super fresh!

The ingredients in Chef V’s Organic Green Drink are still in the ground when you order our organic green juice online! Less than 24 hours after blending, your green juice is waiting for you at your front door. The shelf-life of our green drink is 7 days.

Our green drink is raw/unpasteurized. (We don’t pasteurize our green drink because pasteurization kills some of the nutrients).

Starting each day with Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is the easiest way to follow a detox diet and give yourself an enjoyable opportunity to lose weight and feel great.

What can you expect from our organic green juice delivery?

3 DAYS – With our organic green drink you’ll notice an increase in energy. You’ll also feel free from the burden of trying to get healthy organic greens into your daily routine on your own.

2-4 WEEKS – You find yourself losing cravings for simple sugars and processed foods. The slight sweetness (3 grams of all-natural sugar) in our Organic Green Drink will be enough. The micronutrients your body is absorbing every day may make your face, hair and skin look brighter and younger. You may start to lose weight by shedding excess fat from drinking these seven dark leafy greens on a daily basis.

3-6 MONTHS – Warning! Your energy levels by now, may be through the roof! Your body can take on an entirely new leaner shape. Your body should absorb and burn calories more efficiently. As a result, your body is no longer storing fat in those areas you never thought would be possible to get leaner. Additionally, those aches, pains and other health problems you’ve had to deal should start to diminish with our green detox juice, as your body may not have as much inflammation by now.

1 YEAR – Stick with our Organic Green Drink to achieve a total transformation in mind, body and soul. Your body is an energetic, vibrant, fat-burning machine. Welcome to the new you!

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