Detox Soups

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Strengthen Bones

  • Younger Looking Skin

  • Regulate Blood Pressure

  • Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

  • w/ Leek, Onion, Garlic, Turmeric
  • Tasty combination of nutrient-dense veggies, perfect for bone-strengthening and reducing your risk for heart disease.
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  • w/ Yam, Onion, Garlic, Turmeric
  • Delicious super food blend with antioxidant-rich ingredients to help reduce inflammation and regulate blood pressure.
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  • Carrot, Mushroom, Ginger, Turmeric
  • Vegetable broth filled with vitamins that aid the body in producing collagen, which helps reduce wrinkles, cellulite & stretch marks.
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I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Chef V Cleanse! It’s unbelievable and the products are great! I did the original 3 day cleanse last year and just… Read more “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

- Larry

If someone had told me a few months ago that I would be paying for a weekly green juice delivery, I would have laughed. I… Read more “I really liked the promise of low sugar”

- Nia

We have been using Chef Vs Green drink for about a year now. We could not even imagine life without it now. The taste is… Read more “couldn’t imagine life without it”

- Juergen

After many years of yo-yo dieting, personal training, weight loss and weight gain, I was tired of feeling burned out and unhealthy. I had heard… Read more “you’ve earned a customer for life!”

- Brittney

After I finished my 5 day cleanse a month ago I feel very fresh and energetic!! Now I’m subscribing my green juice every week !!

- Hyun

I’m a person who likes to try different programs to help lose weight. I researched , and read other people’s stories before purchasing. Girlllll !… Read more “the best cleanse I’ve ever done”

- Jessica

I’ve spent the better half of the last decade trying out every diet, cleanse, detox, herbal supplement, essential oil, holistic treatment, you name it…. and… Read more “Affordable, effective AND DELICIOUS!”

- Chelsea

I just finished my 3 day cleanse and it was great! The green drink is amazingly fresh tasting and does not have any single veggie… Read more “Green Drink… for the rest of my life!”

- Fran

I am doing Chef V’s three day juice cleanse for about the fifth time now and LOVE how it makes me feel.  The juice is… Read more “my 5th time & I love how it makes me feel”

- Eva

After completing 5 days of Chef V’s cleanse, I must say that Chef V’s product is the best! Not only is the juice delicious and… Read more “product is the best!”

- Adam

I’ve used both the 3-Day Cleanse and the weekly Green Drink. I started out hoping to lose weight, which I have, but stayed for the… Read more “Amazing!”

- Monica

I recently did Chef V’s cleanse and I LOVED it. It is delivered weekly so it is made fresh and it is very low in… Read more “I highly recommend it!”

- Millie

I have never tried a cleanse but figured the new year might be a good time to give it a go. Chef V’s cleanse saved… Read more “Chef V’s cleanse saved me!”

- Mel

On day 3/3 of the cleanse and so far, so good! I have tried at least 4 different cleanses and this is the best one.… Read more “tried 4 cleanses, this is the best one”

- Kimi

So, let me preface this with a few facts: 1) Chef V came highly recommended by a friend of mine, so I didn’t even hesitate… Read more “Chef V came highly recommended”

For the first time in my life, I am happy with my appearance! I lost a total of 13 lbs on the 7 day cleanse… Read more “I am happy with my appearance!”

- Brandon

I have tried several cleanses and Chef V’s has to be one of the best! They deliver in insulated reusable bags and the green juice… Read more “one of the best!”

- Diana

This is the TRUTH! My husband and I already eat very well and are experienced in juice cleanses but this one is something else (in… Read more “This is the TRUTH!”

- Marlene

This is the second time I’ve completed a Chef V cleanse and hers are by far the best cleanses I’ve done. I’m not cranky, starving,… Read more “best cleanse I’ve done”

- Monica

Did the five day cleanse last week and I feel amazing! Ive lost 6lbs, my skin looks better and I have way more energy then… Read more “my skin looks better”

- Shannon

If you are looking to shed pounds, feel energized and cleanse your body, Chef V is the way to go. The 3 day cleanse is… Read more “shed pounds & feel energized”

- Angelica

I LOVE this cleanse 🙂 I do it 2 to 3 times a year and always look forward to the elevation in energy.

- Trine

The Chef V cleanse definitely gets my stamp of approval. My first cleanse was the 5-day and I have never done a cleanse before. I… Read more “healthier, energized & I crave the green drink!”

- Gloria

I’m a 38 year old man whose metabolism died about 8 years ago. Feeling a bit lethargic and needing a detox, I was referred to… Read more “losing 14 lbs after 4 days”

- Joshua

I decided to do the cleanse after two of my friends showed me their fantastic results from Chef V’s cleanse!  I bought the 7 day… Read more “lost 13 pounds & feel better”

- Marlyn

On the advice of a good friend, I decided to try the Chef V cleanse to help improve my health and get back on track… Read more “I would recommend x100!”

- Matt

We were both pleasantly surprised, neither one of us were ever really “starving”. I set alarms to remind myself of what would be next and… Read more “I lost 10 lbs, he lost 15 lbs”

- Wenderful

This is the easiest 3 day detox program i have ever done. the juice, shakes and soups are very tasty and i never feel hungry.… Read more “juice, shakes & soups are very tasty”

Originally I thought I couldn’t do it because I love to eat junk food and drink coffee.  Well I just finished my 3 day cleanse… Read more “lost 6.5 lbs & my skin cleared up”

- Alice

I am most impressed with how good I feel after only one week of following this 21 Day Detox. As a person who gets headaches… Read more “feeling light & energized”

- Bryanna

Chef V drinks and cleanse program is the far the best.i have done a couple of challenges (1 week and 2 week),I felt so much… Read more “definitely recommend Chef V to friends and family”

- Mansi

I ordered the 5 day cleanse hoping I could lose 5 lbs. Well, not only did I lose 7 lbs but I also lost 2… Read more “lost 2 1/2 inches off my waist”

Thank you Chef V for reviving me! The 3 day cleanse gave me life and re-energized me.  I lost 9 lbs and still losing weight!… Read more “lost 9 lbs & still losing weight!”

- Julissa

Thank you so much.  I work about 13-14 hrs a day in the wardrobe department of a television show. It is so easy to eat… Read more “We feel amazing!”

- Pashelle

I have done a million different cleanses over the years. I have gone up and down with my weight pretty much my entire life so… Read more “only one that has ever worked for me”

- Todd

I just completed my fourth Chef V 3-day cleanse and really loved it.  This is the only juice cleanse I have ever considered doing, because… Read more “cleanse is so thoughtfully done”

- Desiree

I’ve used Chef V’s juices for cleansing. The green juice is refreshing especially on hot days (to me cleansing is only bearable during the summer… Read more “Chef V is a great person”

- Jamie

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