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Mary M - GD - Edit 1
Carol - Feb 2016 loved 3 day cleanse
Grace N 21 Day Challenge
Iori - GD cured sinus issues and headaches USED
Jennifer J - Cleanse followed by GD - great taste - healthy - convenient
Rachel F - cleanse then GD has tried many Chef V is the best
Reza - 3 Day Cleanse then GD
Victor A - Been drinking GD for years - healthiest drink ever made
Adam L 5 Day
Lee K. 7 day cleanse lost weight helped arthritis then GD
Tara D - cleanse helped digestive issues chef v is a great company
Ena F - cleanse 4 star2 new
Jamie M - GD healthier better skin more energy convenient
Johana V diabetic

HI Chef V, Here is my testimony:
I loved the 3 day juice cleanse!! My only regret was that I didn’t get the 5 day cleanse, I wanted more!!
The first day was definitely the hardest, I am a heavy coffee drinker so I was craving the coffee and felt quite hungry and light headed. However, the second day I woke up feeling full of energy, went to a hot yoga class and my practice was the best I have had in a while!
I did experience some skin break-outs, but I read this is normal when cleansing, now my skin and body feel great!
I lost some weight and feel great. Thanks Chef V!
Best, Kathryn

Hi Chef V,
I had such a great experience on your 21 day challenge! I lost 8lbs and feel amazing! I love the green drink and now I crave more. I enjoyed all your recipes so I ordered your book as well, I’m excited for it to get here tomorrow. Thank you!
Sincerely, Emma W.


My name is Kristen, and my fiancé and I recently both did your 3 day cleanse for the first time. I have done one cleanse years and years ago (but still eating some food), but this was the first of this kind for both of us. For the most part, the cleanse was great for me, although I did experience quite a bit of detox reactions in the evening on day 2 (headaches, jaw pain, neck tightness and allergies)…but energy-wise I felt great, and it helped me to kick my almost daily coffee habit. I admit that I unfortunately did a poor job of both the pre- and post- cleanse, which was likely the cause of my strong detox symptoms, and now that I understand this, I would love to give the 3 day cleanse another go in the near future. But in the meantime, I am just trying to eat healthier on a day to day basis, although I am finding it difficult to find quick and easy snacks and lunches as I often don’t have much time during the days to eat…which is an extra reason why I’m super excited to receive my free week of organic green drink for sharing my story! 🙂
Thanks so much for all that you do, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding also! – Kristen

I tried ChefV’s 3 day cleanse because I was looking for ways to recharge my efforts to get healthier. In general, I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly but I am also a carb/sugar junkie. I just can’t seem to resist anything related to bread, pasta, cereal, sugary snacks and desserts. With 3 small kids who constantly want to snack/eat, it’s always hard to completely rid my pantry of these kinds of items. So I was looking for ways to decrease my carb/sugar cravings and also consume less sodium as high blood pressure/cholesterol and diabetes runs in my family. I’ve also been having difficulty sleeping and have a history of mild but chronic neck/shoulder, lower back pain so I have been wondering if a change in diet could help with these symptoms as well.
I love food and eating and looking at websites of beautiful food/recipes so I thought the 3 day cleanse would be really difficult but it wasn’t bad at all. The green drink is refreshing and the protein powder was pleasing for my palate. The soup was the best! I would eat it even if I were not on the cleanse. The only prob I had was drinking enough water (i didn’t take in as much as was recommended bc I was already peeing twice an hour and didn’t feel like I could handle any more liquids). The first day was the most difficult and I did experience some sluggishness. However the 2nd and 3rd days I felt much better and more energized. Although a little hungry at times, I never felt starved. At the beginning of the cleanse, I told myself I would allow myself to eat fresh veg/fruit if I felt like I was starving but there was never a need. I even continued to incorporate a little bit of exercise those days and was always running after my 3 young kiddos. By the end of the cleanse, I felt more energetic, my skin was more vibrant, I wasn’t as achey when I woke up in the mornings, and I lost 2 pounds (which felt like a lot bc I started at 105lbs). Overall, the 3 day cleanse was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It felt great knowing I was only putting good, fresh, wholesome quality food into my body.
I’m considering doing this cleanse on a regular basis bc it was such a great experience!
– Helen

Helen C. Testimonial
Collette Testimonial

I had been trying to lose weight for a few months. I’m educated about the right ways and wrong ways to lose weight but no matter what I did my body would not release a single pound of fat. I was also having some other small health issues and knew that my body needed a reset. Chef V came across my radar at just the right moment.
I signed up for the 5 day cleanse and started on the first available delivery date which was only a few days away. I was fully committed from the beginning so sticking to the plan was not a problem. I won’t lie though, I struggled with detox symptoms the entire time. Even though I’ve been a vegan for 20 years, I had years of toxins and stress to let go. I got nearly every single detox symptom mentioned and even some that were not, like sciatic nerve pain. The symptoms lasted the full five days for me. In retrospect I probably should have done a longer cleanse for my body but 5 days was just the right amount mentally.
Even with these symptoms, the detox was well worth it. I lost 15 pounds, 9 of which stayed off after returning to solid foods and I broke several bad habits. I nearly always stood while eating. I’m in a hurry all the time because I have a disabled child that needs me and enjoying my food is the last thing on my mind. However having the warm detox soup to look forward to at the end of the day felt like such a treat that I learned to sit down and savor every bite. I’ve carried that over to my meals now and it’s been wonderful. I also got in the habit of drinking more water which has improved my health overall. And I learned to distinguish physical hunger from emotional hunger. In addition to all of this, I felt cleaner inside and out. All in all, excellent benefits and I look forward to doing these cleanses on a regular basis.
I should also mention that even though it is suggested you pick a good time to cleanse, for me there is no good time and during my cleanse my husband was in India so I was caring for our children including our disabled daughter 24 hours a day completely by myself which means waking every hour or two to adjust her position, refill her food, or change her bedclothes. Sleep was just not to be had (as my attached pictures will show) nor was a break of any kind. If I was able to do this cleanse 100% perfectly in the situation I am in, surely anyone can do it. However if I had to make the green drink and soup myself, I would never be able to do a cleanse. The convenience of this made it possible. No vegetables to purchase, clean and juice. No dirty juicer and kitchen to clean repeatedly throughout the day. No cooking required. Such a relief.
I’ve attached a side-by-side comparison of my face. Both pictures were taken at 4 in the morning after almost no sleep and obviously without makeup or face products of any kind and under the same lights. Though I look murderous in both pictures, you can still clearly see the improvement in my skin and coloring that can only be attributed to the cleanse.
– Collette

I just wanted to share my first cleanse experience with you. My fiancée, Kristen, wanted to do a cleanse and asked if I wanted to do it with her. I agreed, but with a few worries. My initial thought of only drinking juice, smoothies, and soup was that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I am a chef, and I would inevitably have to eat some food during the day, to taste and make sure I was preparing quality food. So I told her I’d do as best as I could, but that I didn’t think I could totally refrain from eating other foods.
Each day, I drank all of my juice, smoothies, and soup. I tried my best to only eat what I had to for work purposes. First day, I was starving at the end of the day and had to eat something else for dinner. The next day was better and I ate less for dinner. The third day, even less. But I could also tell I was getting grumpy. I’m thankful it was only a 3 day cleanse.
But during those 3 days, I think I felt my body reacting to the green juices, protein shakes, and soup as the main source of food. I felt energized and awake. It was only at the end of a long work day that I got hungry. But the juice was very tasty, the shakes were quite filling, and the soup satisfying.
Overall, I had a good first-time cleanse experience. Thank you for creating a cleanse that wasn’t intimidating for a rookie.
Thanks again,

Randy Testimonial
Jessica Testimonial Pic 1
Jessica Testimonial Pic 2

So my story is that I’ve struggled with weight, bloat and huge sugar cravings all the time. I’ve tried many forms of diets, cleanses and it didn’t make sense until I realized a juice cleanse and a organic vegetable cleanse had a dramatic difference in sugar content. I’ve done these cleanses about 4 times in the past year. Starting weight 180 today 151. This last 7 day cleanse I lost 9lbs. I was very bloated and was eating anything I can get my hands on that had sugar. I also signed up for the weekly juice because last time I did not and I had a set back. See my pictures. I still have a big tummy but you can see the difference in bloat, weight and I do feel a lot better. This cleanse is a kick in the butt and a wake up call for you to realize how bad we really do eat. I recommend it 100%. And customer service is awesome. I’m one of those pain in the butt customers because I ask a lot of questions and just need the extra support and “you can do it”.(just ask viki) So far I feel I’ve been tolerated and helped along the way. I’m only 5″3 so 180 to 151 in about a years length is enough to see a change. This has been my ONLY cleanse /detox that works for me. Trust me. I’ve tried everything.!
– Jessica

Sharing my success. I ordered this cleanse because I was going to Vegas and knew there would be a lot of drinking. I wanted to detox my body from everything built up prior, but also wanted to help with the weekend in Vegas I knew was coming. I was pleasantly surprised at how much weight I dropped for not really being concerned about losing weight. I had dropped 4 pounds over the 4 day cleanse I did, and lost a lot of bloating in my stomach I had previously. I might try for another cleanse in the near future and go for longer.
– Michelle

Michelle Testimonial
A Howe

I lost 6 lbs! And I fit into my old jeans. What a good reset! I did cheat with a few walnuts in my soup last night – hehe. It was weird to not chew anything for three days. I’m gonna take it easy the day after. I wasn’t really hungry and I feel great!!
– Angela

I became a huge fan of Chef V’s Green Drink and was “addicted” for a few months before I stepped up and tried the 3 day cleanse. Wow! I was amazed at the ease of following the directions. Each day I would wake up, feeling great, and leap out of bed ready to experience a day of Green Drink, protein shakes, and tasty vegan soup. I was never hungry and never felt deprived. The morning of the fourth day, I awoke excited and energized. I had lost about four pounds, which wasn’t even a goal of mine. Since then, I’ve done the 3 day cleanse about 6 or 7 times and it always leaves me feeling healthy, alert, and rejuvenated. Chef V, (and her elves who deliver in the wee hours or answer the phones and emails at all hours), have continued to improve the products, packaging, and have made the instructions even EASIER to follow! The soup is even more delectable than before. I love that this company is transparent. The brochure is detailed and no question is unanswered. It’s a great business model and I wish Chef V great success in sharing her products with the world. Thank you and keep spreading your goodness! – Eva


After having my baby I worked out and ate really healthy. I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight as soon as possible! I had the last 10 pounds and no matter what I did they were not going anywhere. I had a personal trainer but nothing was happening. I did a 3 day cleanse and I lost 12 lbs!!!! It’s been 7 months since I’ve done the cleanse and I’m happy to say the weight has stayed off! I’m going to be doing another cleanse in a couple of weeks! I really believe the cleanse helped reboot my metabolism! – Sophia

Fireman Paul T 19 pounds in 10 Days