The DIMINISHING SUGAR CRAVINGS is by far the biggest benefit

I’ve used both the 3-Day Cleanse and the weekly  Green Drink. I started out hoping to lose weight, which I have, but stayed for the overall health benefits. I REALLY LIKE this product. If you’re used to green juices, I can say this one is slightly sweet and has a very vibrant, fresh taste. (I tried to replicate this with my own juicer by adding apples to my usual greens and just could not achieve the same taste or effect – mine always threw off my blood sugar a bit). Chef V found the right balance, and now I’m happy to just take advantage of that, and not try to replicate it myself. I like that because Chef V’s drink is blended, not juiced, it provides the fiber you need – I love having a daily fiber source that is based on FOOD and not a supplement pill.

I highly recommend the weekly delivery of Chef V Green Drink. For me, the DIMINISHING SUGAR CRAVINGS is by far the biggest benefit. I’m usually a sugar-addict, so the fact that just drinking this a few times a day nearly cuts out the sweet-tooth – I’m still at a loss how this is possible! Amazing. As if this wasn’t enough, my skin tone has improved and I am now sleeping better at night. And now for one of the biggest benefits: I can now REST while cleansing, because I don’t have to run around preparing everything! Love this SO much, I can’t ever go back…To say I am a fan of the Chef V product and service is an understatement – I feel like this company has changed my life. (It feels weird endorsing a single product and crediting it with so much positive effect, but that has honestly been how the last year unfolded …) I feel like the alkalizing effect of their drink was the missing key to help me balance and reach my health goals.


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