What I really liked about Chef V was the promise of low sugar

If someone had told me a few months ago that I would be paying for a weekly green juice delivery, I would have laughed. I am very fiscally conservative, to say the least. I do believe on spending money on important things like health and wellness though. I tried out the three day cleanse after researching many different options. What I really liked about Chef V was the promise of low sugar. I hate the juices like “Naked” that are so sweet I am left wondering about the nutritional value.

I completed the three day cleanse and I felt GREAT. I loved it so much that when given a follow up week for free I decided to take it even though I knew I’d be signing up to pay for a second week. The rest is history. Every time I think about canceling to save some money in the budget, both my husband and I cringe. The delivery is meant for one person three times a day, but we share it between the two of us and drink a cup every morning. I loved it so much I recommended it to all my friends and family. My parents are actually on their first cleanse as I write this. My mom is having some tough initial symptoms, but my dad is just fine. Everyone is different, but I do believe that Chef V has created a product that will benefit the health and wellness of anyone who is willing to invest. And as for those who are fiscally conservative like me, just remember that time is money as well. Buying all those ingredients and blending them is a lot of time. These juices get delivered to me weekly.


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