Thank you Chef V for your amazing products!

*I just completed a 21 day cleanse challenge with Chef V and couldn’t be happier. I finished the challenge about 3weeks ago and wanted to wait to see if the results would last before I write a review. And yes, it did! I lost  a total of 15lbs* on the cleanse and after 3 weeks, my weight didn’t bounce back at all!!!  Instead, I find myself craving for more vegetables and fruits in my overall diet and actually enjoying the taste of them. I’ve NEVER done a cleanse before this one. My friends and coworkers thought I must be nuts to jump headfirst into a 21 day cleanse. But the experience was not bad at all. In the first 2 days or the so called pre-cleanse period,  you follow Chef V’s instructions (list of approved food items) and begin eliminating refined carbs, sugars, coffee, and all the other junks in your diet. On day 3-5, that’s the detox cleanse where you follow Chef V’s cleanse instructions and your diet would consist of green drinks and protein shakes throughout various times of the day, a detox soup for dinner and TONS of water. From day 6 – day 14, you are on the healthy routine regimen. You drink the green juice 3x a day, 1 protein shake for breakfast, and again eat from a list of approved food from Chef V. On day 15-17, you are on the second round of detox. Day 18-21 follow the healthy routine regimen again. The green drinks were delicious and very low in carb which was a definite plus for me since I have Type II Diabetes. For the first 3 days, I felt tired, grumpy, and had a pretty bad headache due to caffeine withdrawal since I was used to having 3-4cups of coffee a day. After that, the rest was more than manageable. I had more energy than before. I felt more alert and was able to actually concentrate better at work even without the coffee. My skin looks brighter and seems well hydrated (thanks probably to the atrocious amount of water I drank!). The other hard part that I should mention is that you will be going to be peeing a lot.  I mean A LOT. During the detox phase especially, since everything that goes into your mouth is some form of a liquid, you will experience the urge to urinate every hr. For me, since I am know to have a tiny bladder to begin with, I was going to the restroom every 30 mins. It was a hassle, but not a deal breaker. In fact, I kinda enjoyed the fact that I am getting rid of all that waste and toxin in my body. The other thing that I have to credit Chef V’s drinks for is my blood sugar. I just got my lab result back yesterday. And my A1C went from 6.8 to 6.1, the lowest it has ever been since I got diagnosed with Diabetes 2 yrs ago. My family doctor was impressed!! I haven’t increased my lvl of exercise or added new prescription meds, or done anything extra to control my glucose in the past 3 months, except for doing the 21 day challenge!!! SO THANK YOU Chef V for your amazing products!. This is more than a diet, it’s a new lifestyle!


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