Turmeric: Are you getting enough of this amazing spice? Here’s how….

From having strong anti-cancerous properties to controlling your blood sugar, there are many turmeric benefits. In fact, you should make this spice a part of your daily diet. And the great news is there’s an easy way for you to get turmeric benefits from our immune booster shot.

I have a confession to make.

I’ve recently added a preservative to a few Chef V products.

It’s “diferuloylmethane.”

Before you freak out and cancel your cleanse, detox or Bundle Subscription, please let me explain!

This preservative is all natural and incredibly healthy for you.

You see, diferuloylmethane is better known as curcumin.

And curcumin is just one of the 100 medicinal compounds that have been isolated in the spice, turmeric.

I’ve been going crazy with turmeric. I absolutely love it. I even add it to my morning smoothie.

You might know about turmeric because it’s like the oregano of Indian dishes. It’s in almost every Indian food recipe.

Turmeric has been used in India for over 4000 years. And just like the Inuit tribe has dozens of words for snow, in India, this spice has over 50 different names.

Fun facts aside, I want you to know why I’ve been using turmeric in my own creations at home and in Chef V products.

Is Turmeric Good for You?

There have been over 3000 research studies on turmeric benefits in the last 25 years alone. The incredible medicinal benefits of this saffron-colored spice is indisputable.

I like to geek out a little on research studies related to weight loss and nutrition. I was floored by one study in particular on curcumin’s ability to decrease blood sugar levels (source). (Remember, curcumin is just one compound out of more than 100 medicinal compounds in turmeric.)

One study participant had diabetes for over 15 years. But after consuming turmeric for just a short while, his fasting blood sugar decreased in half.

If you’re trying to lose weight, I highly recommend incorporating this delicious spice into your diet. That’s because even if you don’t have type 2 diabetes, lowering your blood sugar levels means you don’t need as much insulin. Insulin is the hormone that escorts sugar into the blood cells. When your body needs a lot of insulin, you become more resistant to it. Your body works harder to produce it. This can lead to many other health problems down the road.

Turmeric Weight Loss with Beans and our Detox Soups

One dish I highly recommend adding turmeric to is any recipe that calls for beans. Beans have lots of fiber and make you feel full. But, as the infamous kids song goes, “Beans, beans, good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you…” (You can fill in the blank.)

Unfortunately, beans produce gas and bloating in lots of people. But turmeric can reduce those digestive disturbances. In fact, it helps your liver produce more bile, which will help you better digest dietary fats. When you digest your fats better, it can enhance weight loss.

And the yellowish powder has many other incredible health benefits besides aiding your digestion. It also contains anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and heart-protective properties.

But this amazing spice isn’t just for Indian restaurants. I added it to our line of Detox Soups, including Ginger Carrot, No-Bone Broth and Sweet Potato Curry (which contains a double dose of turmeric, as curry is a collection of spices including turmeric).


I’ve also added it to one of our health shots, Immunity Boost. Because of its high antioxidant profile, it can help you fight off cold viruses.


Can you see why I added this amazing spice to some of our products? And the great thing is you don’t need that much of it to reap those benefits.

You can easily incorporate turmeric into your daily routine. Just buy a bottle or two from any grocery store or market that sells spices. To get the benefits, try to consume 5 grams a day of it. That comes out to about just 2 teaspoons. Easy peasy!

To your health!


Chef V

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