Health n Care Magazine Interviews Chef V

Last week Health n Care Magazine interviewed Chef V’s founder Veronica Wheat.  At the end of the article is a special offer for Health n Care Magazine readers.

What got you started as a Chef?

In 2010 I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology but worked in the restaurant industry since I was 12. I worked over 15 different restaurants front of house, back of house, on the line, on the floor, prepped food, cleaned dishes, bartended, etc. I worked cafes, sushi, Mexican, wine bars, bistros, fine dining, I loved food but didn’t want to work in a restaurant any longer.

I started doing private chef services in San Diego in 2010 after I graduated. My cuisine style is healthy comfort food using organic seasonal meats and produce. My services started to keep me busy as an in-home private chef and with lots of catering events like weddings, showers, birthdays, office parties and more. In 2011,  I started doing a meal delivery for many clients that I met at events I catered. I had between 10-20 clients. I made breakfast, lunch and dinner and delivered twice a week, myself! I would have my clients to drink my famous Green Drink before each meal. This way they were always getting a little bit of healthy greens with each meal. I made them drink it before eating their meals and wait 15 minutes before eating their food, for proper absorption.

My Clients started sharing their Private Chef’s Green Drink with their friends and family. And before I knew it I had 100 green drink only clients in San Diego. I stopped doing the food in November 2012 and focused on my certified Organic Green Drink and Cleanses.

As a nutritional therapist I saw how bad these sugar latent cleanses were, many contain  around 200g of sugar a day and I was appalled. It is not recommended to consume more than 40g of sugar in one day. So I created a real cleanse that incorporates my Green Drink, plus two vegan protein shakes each day, and a tasty soup at night. People started the cleanse and were losing up to 15lbs in 3 days and up to 25lbs in 7 days.

The Cleanse became so popular I expanded my deliveries to LA, OC, and Bay Area in 2013 and in 2014 I moved to NYC to start my East coast production facility. We now service the entire country (minus Hawaii and Alaska, sorry friends). We are family owned and operated. My husband and I run all aspects of the business. And our dog child Mr. CocoNut is the mascot.

Being that your business is cleansing and yummy health food, what is your favorite healthy food?

I’m not a vegan I just veg a lot! I love my Green Drink. I have one every morning for breakfast. I also love salads. I have a big salad every day for lunch. I try to not eat meat during the day and have some sort of lean protein for dinner. Sometimes I have salmon sashimi for lunch.

Below, I am in the Chef V kitchen. The blenders behind me are filled with seven different organic greens, a little apple, and purified water. I’m getting ready to make my Green Drink. 

You have so many enthusiastic loyal fans of your products.  What do you attribute this to?

Having honest products that work. And staying true to my brand. It’s my mission to Make Healthier Easier and having a green drink a day with no added sugars or extra fruits to sweeten it up really will change your life. It can change your life in as little as 3-7 days with a cleanse, thousands of our customers have attested to it. It will change your life and increase your longevity if you invest in having a green drink every day forever.

If someone is not happy with our products or services, we always try to make it right. We have a 100% money back guarantee for your first week of green drink if it is not right for you. This way you can make sure you like it before diving into a more expensive cleanse.

You even have your own cookbook!  What was that like to write?

It was a long process. But I learned so much!

When I moved to NYC I didn’t have much of a social life. I Worked at the kitchen all day making green drink and training my staff.  Then came home, cooked and worked on social media. I get bored super easily so to keep myself busy I bought a camera and started documenting all my recipes.

The cookbook theme, the title and the recipes changed maybe 50 times. I compiled all the recipes for 7 months. By the time I was done with it it was January 2015,

I met with a local publisher who published Top Chef contestant Brian Malarkey’s book. I loved the book and images so much, we started working together and got everything done by June 2015, all the editing, formatting, and photos (they redid the photos because mine were not very professional).

In June 2015 we started going through a re-branding. Our logo and materials were so dated and created by my husband and myself. Plus I started as a chef and now was moved to more juice delivery, so we needed to re-brand with a more solid logo and message. So, because of this, my book was on hold for 6 months until we finished the re-brand. Once this was finished we had to go back through the book and add the new logos, change the title AGAIN, and changed the cover photo to a photo shoot we did at a local farm we do business with.

So, I always tell people, however long you think it is going to take to write a book, triple it and that is probably more accurate. I am proud to say that I sold 2,000 books and just reordered by second order of 2,000 books! Volume 2!

To order my book, click on the picture below.


What’s next for you?

I would love to start some other ventures. I have some other food brands I’d like to bring to life without diluting Chef V and that purpose. I also want to write more cook books. I have a holiday one in mind next.  Another goal of mine is to be a judge on a cooking show.

Lastly I really want to start a women’s entrepreneur group. I know so many women that want to do something or start their own business but aren’t sure how. I feel I would be a great coach for women who want to get started and create a great environment with like minded women to support and help each other grow!


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